Wu Yonghong, Wu Yonghong, Lecturer, Faculty of School of Foreign Studies, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China

Title: College English Writing Skills and Practice
In the context of globalization, China’s higher education is gradually developing towards internationalization. Major universities should realize that systematic and scientific academic English writing courses are an essential part of cultivating versatile talents with international perspectives, scientific research and innovation capabilities, and the abilities to proficiently use foreign languages to make a “voice” in their professional fields, which are required by various industries. However, most college students, especially non-English majors, are often short of theoretical knowledge and opportunities to practice academic paper writing in their learning. Some teachers are also short of scientific guidance in teaching academic English writing to non-English majors, which makes it difficult for students to effectively combine theoretical knowledge with practice and improve their writing skills. This requires foreign language educators to conduct more in-depth exploration and reflection on the teaching models and methods of academic English writing. This paper will analyze the current situation of academic English writing teaching for non-English majors and explore how to improve the teaching effectiveness of academic writing courses for these students. Through these courses, students can participate in English lectures from well-known foreign universities, international academic conferences or competitions, online or face-to-face. They can also present academic reports, write and publish papers, and search for literature in English, etc.