Ruslan Saduov holds a cum laude degree in Philology, Teaching, and Translation from Bashkir State University. Previously, taught at Bashkir State University and held a position of Director of Fundamental Applied Linguistics Program. Designed and implemented courses such as academic writing, public speaking, forensic linguistics, translation praxeology. Candidate of Philology with a focus on linguistic landscape, multimodal texts, political and media linguistics, communication studies, and translation criticism. Authored and edited over 100 publications. Managed several grant projects (Russian Fundamental Research Grant, Russian Presidential Grant, Kostomarov Grant). Provider of translation and interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive) services. Currently Assistant Professor for EAP at Innopolis University.

Title: Responsible Use of AI for Academic Writing Instruction

That Artificial Intelligence has recently challenged academic writing instructors is now commonplace truth. AI-powered Large Language Models, such as ChatGPT, enable students to produce texts following short prompts. This seeming easiness discouraged emerging writers from producing texts on their own. However, the more profound analysis of the AI text generation yields conclusions concerning the mediocracy of such texts, which is no surprise: AI averages the available text corpus to produce unimpressive messages. However, inexperienced writers can be less aware of the AI’s inability to tailor texts to the writer’s expectations. On the other hand, AI can successfully produce texts that do not require individuality, such as a generic email, and, therefore, machines will remain a part of the writing experience. Consequently, the instructor’s role is now to show the limits of the AI text generators, encourage students to learn to write content-rich context-tailored texts before using the AI, and double-check the AI texts before using them. This presentation on the responsible use of AI draws on the experience of academic writing instruction at Innopolis University and extensive study concerning the impact of technology (including AI) on translation, whereby language professionals commented on the impact of AI on language use and text production. Examples of AI text generation hazards and recommendations to writing instructors will be provided.

The presentation will start by briefly addressing how AI has changed academic writing instruction. Then, several examples will be provided to demonstrate that irresponsible use of AI can harm emerging writers. These examples will be substantiated by the opinions of language professionals from another study presented at Translation Forum Russia 2023. Finally, recommendations will be provided concerning ethical AI integration into the writing experience.