Natalia Savvina, senior lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, MIPT, Russia

Title: Emotional Intelligence to boost students’ writing

The aim of this report is to analyse students’ emotional intelligence before they start writing any tasks or papers, while they are writing them and give some feedback upon completing a writing task. To learn and to teach how to write well or successfully, it is pivotal to take into account feelings, empathy, social skills and learning styles as it can help get an emotional response from the reader. Nowadays as our world is facing a groundbreaking transformation due to the novel technological advancements and innovations such as ChatGPT and other online platforms, it is of utmost importance to develop not only students’ critical thinking but also their emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ). First-year students of MIPT (National Research Institute) whose level is B1+ / B2 in accordance with CEFR Level have participated in this project aimed at introducing new classroom activities, a variety of pre-writing tasks designed to study and develop different types of effects and senses have been worked out and discussed during the lessons, a few short fragments from the English literature have been analysed to show how these techniques can be applied to improve students’ own writing styles paying more specific attention to how to express their thoughts emotionally rather than using common vocabulary, or how to apply everyday words in an effective way.