Kelly Metz-Matthews, PhD is faculty and Assistant Program Chair in the English as a Second Language Program at San Diego College of Continuing Education. Currently also a Stanford University EPIC Community College Faculty Fellow, Dr. Metz-Matthews is active within multiple state, national, and international associations and is committed to responsible, humanized writing instruction. Some of her recent work can be found in CATESOL Journal, Korea TESOL Journal, COABE Journal, and Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk.

Title: Social Annotation as a Means of Engaged and Humanized Writing Instruction

The practice of writing is often viewed as a solitary act even as writing is invariably ameliorated through peer review and feedback. Unfortunately, traditional peer review--for all its value--faces obstacles in classroom contexts, especially as more students utilize artificial intelligence as a tool for revising their work. This presentation highlights social annotation as a practice by which students and their writing instructors might work alongside one another to co-construct new, deeper, more humanized conceptualizations of their work and writerly identities (Brown & Croft, 2020; Straub, 1997) while engaging meaningfully in peer review and metacognitive skill development (Metz-Matthews & McConnell, 2023). The speaker will offer insights into the practice of social annotation as well as tips for implementation in the current zeitgeist.