Dr. Bonds is an English and ESL Professor at West Hills Community College Coalinga, a curriculum developer in education, and Co-Coordinator for the WHCC Puente Program. Dr. Bonds has over twenty years in teaching in secondary, post-secondary, graduate, and doctoral courses. She currently created an ESL Certificate of Achievement and an AAT in Elementary Teacher Education Degree. Bonds is an active social advocate for social justice, equity-minded grading, open-educational resources, and authentic assessments. Bonds enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, serving on dissertation committees, and watching her boys play baseball. As a first-generation female college student from a rural area her research challenges academic norms and discourses. Bonds has published one academic book, "First Generation College Students Entering Writing Courses" and author of other academic publications and journals.

Title: How Does the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Promote Social Equity and Ethical Awareness for the Student and Practitioner?
Artificial intelligence (AI) has impacted higher education in teaching and learning, ethical considerations, formative and summative assessments, and critical thinking skills. AI plays a crucial role in student personal responsibility and the ethical implications of AI implementation.
Higher education faculty will need to embrace, engage, and better understand the tools that are used to support their pedagogical practices, curriculum development, and student learning
assessments through AI technology. This presentation will explain current AI tools to discover in
the classroom for student ethical engagement, best practices to utilize in the academic discourse and explore the philosophical role it will play in our own teaching practices.