Irina Yunatova, Leading Expert in Knowledge Management NCO FOSTAS Foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia

Title: Using Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) for enhancing teaching reading and writing skills

The aim of the study is to explore ways for assisting teachers, saving their time by using ChatGPT. This research was motivated by observation of hardships experienced by students having to digest numerous papers, developing reading skills, and acquiring academic writing skills at different levels.
Abundant materials on ChatGPT pushed me both as a researcher and a teacher to test new ways of teaching. However, this is only the first stage of exploring rich opportunities provided by this software and accompanying risks.
ChatGPT was tested with the purpose to speed up reading and analysing professional materials in various spheres. Several experiments were conducted when students initially were given articles, and later they got summaries generated by ChatGPT and were asked to analyse and evaluate the applicability of summaries.
Besides, questions to texts generated by ChatGPT were used for the follow up discussions.
In addition, generated summaries were used for easy creation of gap filling exercises that checked reading comprehension. This worked well both with professional materials, and IELTS preparation ones.
Another option was generating summaries for students’ essays. This experiment was quite productive as students saw what could have been done with their own ideas but expressed differently. Such summaries could be regarded as model responses on condition of clear understanding of possible limitations.
However, risks and hazards of applying this software should be clearly understood. Such activities should be used as scaffolding, and teacher should not be trapped by the temptation of using this instead of real feedback.

Summaries generated by ChatGPT were tested with the purpose of helping students digest professional materials and enhance their comprehension using summaries and generated questions to the text for designing exercises. Besides, summaries were used for improving essays written for IELTS preparation. Risks and threats of applying this software are analysed.