Artem Sigaev (or Tim) joined ITMO University in 2021, where he teaches General English, ESP courses for Information Security and Biochemistry, Academic Writing and Presentation Skills both for bachelors’ and masters’ students. Artem Sigaev is also a member of PhD Speaking Club and Discussion Forum developing team. He has B.A. with honors in Foreign Philology, and M.A. in Counselling Psychology. He had an experience of working in China with children and teens.

Title: Enhancing English Classes with the Power of AI

The following abstract presents a case study exploring the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in English language classes, emphasizing its role in bachelor’s and master’s students curriculum. The study delves into the impact of AI in enhancing English classes, alongside other AI tools that saves teachers’ preparation time, and its potential to shape language learning process for students at various academic stages.

Bachelor’s students utilize the platforms such as ChatGPT (OpenAI) and ChatGPT Telegram Bot to improve their writing skills, particularly for essays and some creative pieces as profile essays and interviews. Mentioned tools provide invaluable support with an assistance in generating content and provide an effective structure and highlighting stylistic features.

Master’s students benefit from AI technology within a specialized context, notably in the ethical composition of literature reviews. AI assistances like Elicit with ChatGPT combined allow students to analyze and synthesize research, maintaining academic integrity throughout. Moreover, AI insures that literature reviews meet academic standards.

Finally the study underlines some strategies for teachers to support them, and enabling objective performance evaluation for bachelor’s and master’s students and streamlining grading processes. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants equip educators in managing administrative tasks, freeing their time.

Incorporating AI into English classes broadens access to language education and student’s autonomy. AI tools make English classes more engaging, effective, and ultimately help students at various academic stages achieve language proficiency.

The case study explores the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in English language classes, highlighting its impact on both bachelor’s and master’s students curriculum. The study discusses AI tools such as ChatGPT (OpenAI), ChatGPT Telegram Bot and others used by students to improve their writing skills. Moreover, there are some strategies for teachers highlighted and the benefits of AI in streamlining administrative tasks. Overall, the study shows hoe AI enhances English classes, making them more engaging and effective for students’ language proficiency.