Aria Bierlaire

Born in 1993 in Belgium, Aria was raised in Switzerland where she obtained her doctorate in social sciences. She then moved to Paris to pursue a master's degree in social anthropology. During her studies, Aria developed a growing interest in the field of ethics in health, particularly in the context of end-of-life care, palliative care, and sedation. Additionally, she explored the topic of emotional management in the workplace.
After completing her studies, Aria traveled to England (Birmingham) and the USA (Princeton), where she focused on more personal projects. In September 2023, she joined the faculty at MIPT as an English instructor. Aria currently teaches two courses: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Sociology of Emotion. She is also actively involved in leading two English-speaking clubs, where students can practice their language skills and engage in meaningful discussions.

Title: AI Chatbot for Language Learning - An Overview

ChatBots, aformofartificialintelligence, havethepotentialtoimprovelanguagelearningby providing learners with personalized and interactive language practice opportunities. Such technological tools are developing fast and teachers, as well as students, have a growing interest in using them, not without some reluctance.

In her presentation, Aria will discuss the potential benefits, limitations, and risks associated with using ChatBots to support language learning skills for adults and young adults. By reviewing existing articles, she aims to provide an introduction to the current state of research in this area and thus contribute to the ongoing discussion about technology in education.